Recovery from T3 depletion

This post is a continuation of these posts GRAPHIC and discussion: T3 Depletion Do you have a Reverse T3 problem? In this post, I explain how to recover (or help a patient recover) from T3 depletion. Part 1: When illness is the trigger Part 2: When L-T4 dose is the trigger Part 3: Oversenstivity to … Continue reading Recovery from T3 depletion

Thyroid patients excluded from research

Thyroid patients on thyroid therapy are commonly excluded from the study of "Low T3 Syndrome." What is "Low T3 syndrome"? Why is it important to study? This is the phenomenon of T3 thyroid hormone inactivation that often occurs in critical illness and puts their lives in great danger. Some thyroid patients know from experience that … Continue reading Thyroid patients excluded from research