Who is Sophia Hovrenna?

My chosen icon, a stylized shield. Thyroid = Greek “thyroeos” / sheild. Credit: Sandra Strait, “Ancient Shield” licensed for reuse on Flickr at https://flic.kr/p/VYs4P7

Okay, so there’s a bunch of posts on this website authored by “Sophia Hovrenna.”

Yes, it’s a pseudonym.

I am a Canadian thyroid patient.

I became very sick after long-term L-T4 therapy for autoimmune hypothyroidism.  My doctors did not know why I got sick. I did not know why. We were all puzzled by the nature of my illness since it came out of the blue. I had been pretty healthy other than my low T3 and my autoimmune conditions. Good family life, good career. Good diet too, optimized for people with autoimmune issues! Then boom, it all collapsed and I spent some time being very ill.

I have advanced post-secondary education, but not in science or medicine. I have access to medical journal articles through an academic institution. So I did a lot of reading in the medical research in order to understand why I was so sick.

My reading of thyroid science and a compassionate and open-minded thyroid doctor saved my life. I really believe that. And a feisty spirit and persistence helped too, and supportive family members.

Unfortunately the Canadian medical system, with all of its wonderful benefits, and so many smart doctors who tried their best, did not know how to help me. They just could not see the connection between my thyroid hormone levels or antibodies and what I was experiencing. So I had to be the detective, find my own way through the medical system, looking for special medical professionals, access to tests I would not have normally been offered. Each test result, and each article I read, helped me and a few caring, inquiring doctors understand a little more.

I want to help other thyroid patients live better lives and avoid the physical and mental suffering, fear and disrespect I went through over the years as a thyroid patient. Not everyone is going to bury their heads in scientific research articles while their body is tortured with bizarre pains and their brain is barely functioning due to hypothyroidism. I don’t know how I did it with such fatigue and brain fog and other symptoms, but I did. I want to share the gist of what I have learned, and continue to learn.

I began healing after changing my thyroid therapy modality. Yes, it was the only thing that made a difference and helped me heal. I am no longer on L-T4 monotherapy, though I wish it could have worked for me because it was easy to take 1 pill a day. But for me, its effects had serious health consequences.

My research-based posts are not for everyone. I address those who want to learn the science.

I also make some humorous posts. I hope you enjoy those too.

And I welcome other thyroid patient authors to join me in our campaign as leaders and co-bloggers, since this campaign is not just mine. It’s OURS. Let our voices be heard in all their diversity.

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