You can’t get T3 from muffins

Canada, Defend access to T3-hormone thyroid medications that have been approved by Health Canada and have been used in therapy for decades. Drug shortages and cost-cutting guidelines are preventing good doctors from giving T3 hormone to fix chronic suboptimal T3. Let's keep hypothyroid patients as healthy as they can be, for the cost of a … Continue reading You can’t get T3 from muffins

Defend our plasma T3. Today.

Source: Abdalla, S. M., & Bianco, A. C. (2014). Defending plasma T3 is a biological priority. Clinical Endocrinology, 81(5), 633–641. LINK In this ground-breaking article with a profound title, Abdalla and Bianco explain that human biology is set up to carefully protect and defend optimal thyroid T3 hormone levels in our bloodstream (plasma). This … Continue reading Defend our plasma T3. Today.