Day: March 15, 2019

Publications: John E. Midgley, thyroid scientist

Selected publications PARLIAMENTARY TESTIMONY (VIDEO) The Scottish Parliament. (2017). Public Petitions Committee – Scottish Parliament: 15 June 2017. Retrieved from AS SINGLE-AUTHOR AND LEAD AUTHOR Midgley, John E. M., Larisch, R., Dietrich, J. W., & Hoermann, R. (2015). Variation… Read More ›

Inventor of thyroid hormone tests speaks out against TSH monotesting (2017 Video)

Testimony by Thyroid Scientist John E. Midgley to the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee, June 15, 2017 YOUTUBE LINK MIDGLEY’S PUBLICATIONS QUOTATIONS “Nearly 50 years ago my wife was a technician at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne… Read More ›

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