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Inventor of thyroid hormone tests speaks out against TSH monotesting (2017 Video)

Testimony by Thyroid Scientist John E. Midgley to the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee, June 15, 2017 YOUTUBE LINK MIDGLEY’S PUBLICATIONS QUOTATIONS “Nearly 50 years ago my wife was a technician at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne… Read More ›

Endocrinology network news reviews study on T3-based therapy prescribing

Good post on “Endocrinology Network” news, summarizing of research and trends regarding T3-based thyroid medication prescriptions for hypothyroidism around the world (not mentioning Canada, though). Fuerst, M. (2019, February 14). Physician–patient interaction may influence prescribing patterns in hypothyroidism | Endocrinology… Read More ›

1965: Thyroid therapy of Christmas past

Quotes from McAninch & Bianco’s history of therapy for hypothyroidism: 2016 “In 1965, approximately 4 of every 5 prescriptions for thyroid hormone were for natural thyroid preparations” “Physicians hesitated to use L-thyroxine monotherapy over concern that it could result in… Read More ›

The ATA is worried about doctors prescribing T3/T4 combo therapy

Here, I comment on a brief October 2018 article in a journal of the American Thyroid Association — the association that writes the guidelines that dismisses Free T3 testing and T3/T4 therapy. Link: This article shows the leading endocrinologists… Read More ›

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