Private Support Group

Our Thyroid Journeys

Are you a thyroid patient?
Would you pledge to share wisely, seek evidence,
and reason carefully as you support your peers?

Learn more!

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Support Group Vision

An evidence-based, international peer-led thyroid patient support group. What does that mean to us?

Our Principles

Memes and tutorials to understand our 3 principles

Benefits and Actions

What types of support can our group provide? What actions can foster high quality support?

Challenges and strategies

What challenges face peer-led thyroid support groups? What strategies can help us overcome them together?

Thyroid therapy is not always simple.
Every patient is unique.
Optimal is individual.
Don’t give up!
The answer may be found in our shared experiences as we learn together.

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Resources for groups

Memes and Info-graphics

Shareable tips, lists, quotations, and peer-education materials

Reason carefully.

Making claims, supporting them with data, thinking critically, and avoiding fallacies

Seek evidence.

Look for peer-reviewed medical articles online and skim them for relevant information.

Our peer moderators.

Biographies, interests, and our vision for making this a great group for all.

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