Memes and Infographics

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Evidence-based memes and tips
for patient-led thyroid support groups

Thyroid lab tests, optimal levels

Lists of lab tests needed for different types of thyroid diagnoses.

Guides to finding optimal thyroid levels in various thyroid therapies, and before thyroid therapy begins.

Lab test sharing, attitudes and humor

Memes useful for patients sharing lab test situations, questions, thoughts and support

Thyroid testing advocacy & science

Education and messages about TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 levels and relationships.

Thyroid Symptoms and signs

Beyond thyroid hormones and TSH, memes about how thyroid conditions relate to other health problems

Encouragement and support

Messages of inspiration specific to thyroid disease struggles and victories

Thyroid science

Thyroid myth busters, Reverse T3, thyroid hormone conversion, transport, receptors, genetics, gland health, autoimmunity

Thyroid quotes

Amazing things that thyroid scientists have written.