Donate and Support

We are a Canadian Non-profit Organization in good standing registered with Corporations Canada (corporation # 1189963-5).

We want to make a difference — not just to individual patients. We want to improve thyroid health care systems, policies, lab tests, scientific research, pharmaceuticals, and medical professional development. Big vision, small group. See “About us.”

We rely on donations to make this a sustainable, growing organization.

Note: We can’t issue tax-deductible donation receipts because we are not yet a “charity.” But you will still get a simple receipt to confirm your donation.

Donate via e-transfer from a Canadian bank account

We can accept donations in $CAD via Interac from holders of a Canadian bank account. Canadian banks and credit unions have agreements with Interac to perform e-transfers.

  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  2. Choose or add your recipient’s email, which is
  3. Enter the amount (no need to enter a security question because we have registered for Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit). 

Your successful e-transfer receipt will be your receipt for your donation.

For more information on Interac e-transfers, go to

Donate by credit card OR PayPal account

The PayPal app lets you donate with a credit card OR with a PayPal account.

To pay with credit card instead of PayPal, as you go through the donation process, look for the white button that offers this option.

We suggest three donation amounts, but you can choose your own amount.

Via PayPal is the only way we can accept donations from outside Canada and in other currencies.

Where do your donations go?

We need funds to pay for:

  • This website’s hosting, security, and domain name. Our website opens medical minds, urges thyroid science to move forward, and educates patients.
  • The online apps we subscribe to, such as the app we use to make graphics (
  • Yearly premiums for the standard “Directors & Officers Liability” insurance necessary for all non-profits.
  • Administrative assistance to help manage our organization’s activities, documents and affairs.

Future projects will require more operating funds:

  • Patient-led crowdsourced research projects.
  • French translation of key materials to be more inclusive of Francophone Canadian thyroid patients.
  • Health care policy change projects involving system-level advocacy.
  • Travel for officers to present at thyroid or relevant health care conferences.

Coming soon: Yearly memberships

To demonstrate that we speak for thyroid patients, we will need to build a membership base, most of whom we expect will be thyroid patients.

As a board, we first have to discuss membership fees, how we are going to protect the private information in our directory, and how we will manage membership registrations and reminders.