Evidence-based peer-led
thyroid patient communities

We aim to share wisely, seek evidence, and reason carefully
as we discuss thyroid science, provide peer-led patient support,
and engage in public advocacy to enhance thyroid care.

TP.CA Public Group

A public Facebook group. Discussion of thyroid-related news, science and advocacy topics. Challenges and strategies for enhancing thyroid health care in Canada and worldwide.

Thyroid Patients Canada Support Group

A private Facebook group for international thyroid patients engaging in evidence-based peer support, tips, advice, and collaborative inquiry.

Advisory & Working Groups

Our advisory group supports TP.CA’s board and officers.

Working groups focus on projects and advocacy areas, such as fundraising, education, media, design, pharma, and lab testing,

Thyroid Patients Canada

Thyroid Patients Canada provides extraordinarily comprehensive, high-quality information to thyroid patients, and it is all based on a knowledgeable, in-depth examination of the medical literature.

Helen Wild, Public Facebook Page review,
February 2020

Let’s make thyroid therapy better together.