Want to help? Join a Thyroid Patients Campaign Working Group

Campaign-working-groupsLet’s get to work together! How?

It’s easy to do on Facebook.

Not on Facebook?

Currently we’re only set up for group interaction on Facebook, sorry. That’s where we were “born” and where we are most active.

But please don’t run away!

If you can’t or won’t join Facebook but still want to help using another online platform, email us at canadian.thyroid.patients@gmail.com to discuss alternatives.

What is a working group?

Each Facebook working group has a brainstorming list of possible things you could work on in a team.

If you can’t zoom in to see the small print on a small mobile device, scroll down to read a copy of the text.

Each group will have at least one Admin who is a member of our Advisory Group. All “Advisory members” in the working group are also moderators who keep its activity moving along and connected with the mandates of our core leadership team.

This way, smaller groups can get focused on a task and build on each person’s time, skills and effort.

All the messages and progress on that task will be easy to follow in your group’s dedicated private Facebook area.


  1. Join the campaign’s main Facebook Group, “Thyroidpatients.ca Public Group.” The address is https://www.facebook.com/groups/thyroidpatientsca .
  2. Once you’ve been welcomed to the group, Look for the “Announcement” near the top of the feed that has the image above in it, and 10 other images added to it.
  3. Click an image to read its description area. Click on the right or left side of an image — an arrow will appear — to turn the “page” to the next image or the previous image in the set of ten images.
  4. Declare interest by clicking on an image and commenting under its description. Include the name of one of the group’s administrators so they get notified that you want to join.




  1. An admin or moderator will invite you to join the “Secret” Facebook group — only members will be able see it on Facebook. Say hi to others once you’re in! Welcome new people joining after you.
  2. Get to know each other’s skills, roles. Brainstorm tasks, priorities, timelines. Then get a plan approved by Advisory and post it in your Files.
  3. Then work together, learn together.
  4. A group should have at least one Biweekly check-in message & one Monthly brief update to share with Advisory.


From time to time we will assess how this Working Group structure is working, and we’ll tweak it as needed.

We in the Advisory Group look forward to new members joining us and helping our campaign grow.


1. Organization development

Create and refine our bylaws, work toward nonprofit registration, establish governance, roles, seek legal advice on our bylaws, set up volunteer management systems, membership info tracking systems.

2. Media & Politics

Getting the attention of news media and government, petitions, rallies and protests, letters to MPs, public forums. Serve in social media public moderator/admin roles, Keep an eye out for news that we can respond to

3. Writing & Editing

Responding to drafts, brainstorming ideas, restructuring, editing, proofreading — for Blog, Fb, Twitter, and textual materials that other working groups write.

4. Visual & Interactive design

Design, plan, tweak, making communication come alive: Videoconferencing, gifs, posters, brochures, jewellery and product designs, logos, live events, F2F meetings & conferences.

5. Scientific & medical info

Promote mutual information sharing among thyroid patients and scientists, academics, researchers, endocrinologists, doctors, nurses, health practitioners, nutritionists, lay clinicians, health technicians, librarians, historians.

6. Patient Advocacy & case work

The group supports and develops people serving as “lay clinicians” and “peer advocates” who offer case consulting for individual thyroid patients in crisis with the system or their doctor or laboratory, in need of 1-1 support due to complexity or illness.

7. Finance & Resources

Plan and conduct fundraising, develop systems for products (jewellery) sales, accounting, bookkeeping, membership fees, banking

8. Social & Kindness

Thanking people, welcoming, rewarding, expressions of support, sympathy, fostering mutual respect, team bonding in working groups, holiday sentiments and fun, games, supporting people in emotional distress, conflict resolution.

9. Education & curriculum

Develop curriculum for mini-courses, self-study guides, tips sheets, lesson plans, online tutorials, certifications & guidelines for patient peer- advocates and lay clinicians, materials for parents, kids.

10. Pharma, Lab Testing & Economy

Shortages, availability, pricing liaise with and gather info from Pfizer, Erfa, other Pharma, policies and procedures at medical laboratories that cancel tests, test kit manufacturers, economic forces, understand the supply chain & distribution

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