You can’t get T3 from muffins

You can't get T3 from MuffinsCanada, Defend access to T3-hormone thyroid medications that have been approved by Health Canada and have been used in therapy for decades.

Drug shortages and cost-cutting guidelines are preventing good doctors from giving T3 hormone to fix chronic suboptimal T3.

Let’s keep hypothyroid patients as healthy as they can be, for the cost of a muffin or two a day! Sign our federal PETITION >>

Canadian drug price comparison website >>

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  • Our synthetic T3 medication is Cytomel by Pfizer. $1.60 per 25 mcg pill at London Drugs in Vancouver.
  • Our desiccated thyroid T4/T3 combination is Thyroid by ERFA Canada, $0.50 per 60mg pill.

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