Because Low T3 is hypothyroidism


The fact is, no thyroid hormone pill can ever replace a living, responsive gland.

Each of us responds differently to orally dosed hormone replacement.

Some of us do not convert T4 into T3 hormone very well, and science has known this for a long time. (See our page on Rationale: Reference ranges)

If you experience hypothyroidism while on “monotherapy” with T4 medication,

1. Get your Free T3 tested.

If your doctor refuses to test Free T3, it’s because the medical system hasn’t yet woken up to what research the has been saying.  It’s worth it to pay for a test yourself rather than wait until the medical system fixes itself. (See our page on Rationale: Free T3 testing)

If your T3 is significantly lower than your T4, that might be why you feel like crap. Your body is being forced to “do the splits” and live with less T3 than it needs and more T4 than it needs. Read more about this at Rationale: The T3:T4 ratio.

2. If your T3 may be too low for you, find a doctor who understands how to fix it.

Raising your T4 by taking more meds will only make the gap worse. To rebalance your thyroid hormones, you will need to reduce T4 meds and add T3 meds.  Thyroid hormone therapies that include T3 are desiccated thyroid (which has T4 and T3) and synthetic T3 meds like Cytomel. Read more at Rationale: L-T3-T4 combination therapies.

Defend your T3.

Because your body can’t always do it for you.

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