Dear Doctors (who treat hypothyroidism)…

Dear doctorsThyroid patients,

What would you like to say to Doctors who treat hypothyroidism?

Give your “Dear Doctor” statement in comments.

We hope this post and its comments will be interesting to doctors who join us! (We’ve got comments on this thread in our Facebook group already).

My statement:

Dear Doctors of thyroid patients on lifelong therapy, our hormone therapy hasn’t always resolved our hypothyroidism. Many of us still suffer from hypothyroid symptoms, and we are not imagining them. We believe that appropriate testing and adjustments to our therapy can help. The system and its simple-minded flowcharts and rules are constraining you too. They say “Don’t test that” and “Don’t ever use that other hormone, ever” even though it’s the other thyroid hormone, the active form, that we all have flowing through our veins. And above all, “obey the TSH.” The TSH overrules too much right now. Oversimplifies. Shuts down thought and inquiry. Let us work together to change the paradigm. Let us help you optimize our therapy. So, dear Doctors? anyone out there brave enough, caring enough, willing to read our website statements and stand with us?

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