Canadian Thyroid Patients’ Federal Petition

ThyroidPetitionView & Sign our petition


Between August 27 and December 25, 2018, we are collecting e-signatures on the Government of Canada’s official website for petitions.

Our petition is called “E-1819 (Hypothyroidism)” and is available at this link: 

The petition system requires a valid email address for verification and will not include your signature until you click the link you receive via email. Apparently some functions do not work via Firefox browsers.

Names are kept anonymous to the public. The bottom of the petition page shows the current number of signatures and gives numbers by province. Canadian residents living abroad are welcome to sign as well.

Numbers matter!

Within only two days, we met the minimum number of signatures needed to bring it to the attention of Parliament.

But we need more signatures. We need to show them how many people want to see the changes we are asking for.

Please share our petition link via email and social media.

Our sponsoring MP

All government petitions require a Member of Parliament to sponsor them. Ours is sponsored by MP Diane Finley. Here is her website’s announcement for our petition.

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