VIDEO: What’s wrong with therapy for hypothyroidism?

On December 17, I decided to purchase “Doodly” video creation software that was being advertised on Facebook, and I made this 10-minute educational video. It is meant to raise an appropriate sense of alarm at the problems with thyroid therapy and to offer some possible solutions.

Clicking the title image will take you to YouTube to view the video.


Video contents

This video explains:

  • 1. testing
  • 2. understanding thyroid hormones on thyroid therapy,
  • 3. limited awareness of therapy options, and
  • 4. market access to thyroid hormone medications.

It ends with some actions we have taken and some we can take in future.

Music was obtained from Facebook Creator Studio’s free tracks. I chose songs with lyrics because I did not have time to create a voiced narrative. I chose music with moods and lyrics that I thought would suit the video:

  • Dreams on Fire, by Neko Fuzz
  • Out of my mind, by Cy Curnin
  • Coming round again, by Cy Curnin
  • Refuge – instrumental, by Ella Joy Meir

Distribution Stats

As of December 22 (6 days later) the viewing stats on Facebook were quite amazing.


However, the lower % of shares and clicks per “reached” showed that a video of this nature is more likely to educate than catalyze action such as signing our petition.

Although education is one of our goals, the most urgent goal at that time was to get signatures on our petition by December 25th.

We initially invested $100 of our personal funds to boost this post, but after seeing this result after the first day, we decided to reduce it to $55 and redirect the balance to one of the petition visual memes that had been very successful.

Analysis & Comments

About 98% of the comments have been positive, appreciative, and thankful, some constructive feedback was offered:

wonderful! Thanks so much for making it.

Feedback: Some parts are too fast and hard to read. And please change/remove the music – it’s distracting from the message.

Even my own mother (in her 80s) wrote to me

OK, Watched video.  Informative.

Video went too fast for me.  Is well done.  Just wish I could slow it down.

When I shared the video in another thyroid patients’ Facebook group, therefore, I added this comment to my own post:

Sorry the speed of the writing is a bit too fast. Ah regrets. it’s my first time using the Doodly software, and I needed to put out a video fast because our petition is ending Dec 25. Also I know the music is not to everyone’s taste, but I chose it for the mood and lyrics and I didn’t have the time to do a voiceover narration.

However, I received this encouraging reply to my humble admission of its defects:

I LOVE IT. I can read fast. The music is fantastic. I’m welling up with tears as it says it how it is. And it says it extremely well.

Overall, this video has been very effective in raising awareness and engagement.

This will become a good video tool for our campaign in future.


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