Coming soon: Jan. 28, 2019 petition reading in the House of Commons

Thyroid petition reading in parliament-TW

The government tells us this about the process of our petition:


“On December 25th at 3:13 pm EDT the petition will close for signatures. Then the Clerk of Petition’s office will verify to make sure that there are 500 valid signatures. They will then send our office a printed sheet with a certification page attached which will allow Ms. Finley to table the petition.

Presenting the petition

We are currently scheduled to sit on Monday, January 28, 2019. Should everything go as planned, then Ms. Finley will be able to present the petition after Question Period on January 28th.

You can watch the tabling of the petition live on or on CPAC ( or CPAC TV Station).

What our office normally does is post the video on Ms. Finley’s Facebook page later in the day once we can download the clip.”

Government response

The Government will then have 45 calendar days to table a response which will be sent to Ms. Finley and if you and any signatories agreed to receive notice, then the HOC E-petition email account will send you notice that a government response has been tabled with a link to read it.

The Government’s response will also be available on the E-Petition page.

What can you do?

Find and contact your MP here:

Explain to your MP that 5681 citizens signed our petition and it will be read in the house January 28. Tell your own story why it matters to you. You can include the text of our petition.

Leave a public reply here, on our website.

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