Calling for Canadian thyroid patient stories

calling for thyroid patient stories

If anyone wants to share their Canadian thyroid therapy struggle publicly on the website and its Facebook and/or Twitter feeds, please either send it to our website’s contact form at OR send it to us via FB private message. We will edit and post it as time permits. This way our voices can be amplified and we might make real change as our petition now heads to its reading in parliament.

No doctors names please, but make it as factual, vivid and as detailed as you can be.

Be prepared, we / you might get the attention of news media this way also. Real names are necessary for verifiability in this era of fake news. If you agree to share, you have to also be willing to make your private info public for the sake of the greater good.

CAUTION:  Speaking out involves personal risk to you and your current doctor.

You should consider this the same as talking to a news journalist.

Your medical information may be accessible to health care admins and other doctors within your provincial health care system.

If you fear facing repercussions to your own thyroid care, or sanctions, investigations, and peer pressure on your currently good thyroid doctor, it might be less risky for patients to tell stories of long ago BEFORE their present doctor.

Regardless, it would be ethical for patients, before doing this, to talk personally with their current thyroid doctor and let them know that they are considering speaking out publicly … without naming them. Your current doctor might not mind, or they might be more at risk or more fearful than you expect.

Thanks in advance to all courageous patients !

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