In 2019, Together we can turn the tide

2019-Together we CAN turn the tideOn New Year’s, let’s reflect on all our accomplishments this year with the petition and our social media. I offer two thoughts to boost our spirits for the journey ahead.

You and me, as individual patients, are not alone in this struggle for better thyroid therapy. Patients who are currently doing well on thyroid therapy are trying to change the system to help those who are suffering. Caring family members and friends signed our petition; they are likely to hope for its success and the success of our ongoing campaign in social media.

Secondly, we are not alone as a collective of thyroid patients. Look at the paradigm-challenging articles researchers have published on thyroid therapy in 2018. As they keep publishing and we keep sharing their research in 2019, we may see doctors take courage and start to fight by our side against the limitations on full thyroid testing and access to T3-based therapies. Retired health professionals, heed our call!

I’m optimistic we’ll make some headway in 2019 as we keep learning and calling out for change.

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