Thyroid warriors: We speak of years lost

Thyroid warriorAre you a thyroid warrior?

Can you speak of years lost to hypo or hyper symptoms — either your own or a family member’s or friend’s?

Will you speak up for those too fatigued to self-advocate? Will you join the fight?

What still holds you back?

What motivates you to see change?

Thyroid warrior man

Thyroid warriors.

Some of us patients fight without showing our faces.

We see what happens to doctors and patients who swim upstream.

We know the risks.

Some of us are too afraid to speak up publicly about the problems with thyroid therapy for fear that our doctors may get in trouble for treating us using full thyroid testing and T3-based meds.

Thyroid warrior afraid

Thyroid warriors. Not just #thyroid patients.

How long and how patiently must we wait for change?

How sick must we be?

The sicker and older we get, the less likely our doctors are to believe that our symptoms are thyroid-related. They will then think we are too fragile for #T3-based therapies.

Thyroid warrior older

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