Digby Thyroid Clinic patients plan a meeting to be held May 9th

Dr. Ron Matsusaki’s patients have set up a meeting on May 9th to plan the next steps forward for approximately 350 patients affected by “forced patient abandonment” from the Digby Thyroid Clinic’s closure.

This is the announcement shared on our Thyroidpatients.ca Public Group on Facebook today by Rob Fadelle, one of his patients.


See our earlier post that announced and protested against this decision by the NS College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The link to the post on our Facebook Page, now with over 70,000 views, 215 Comments, and 675 Shares, is here:



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  1. Dr. Ron Matsusaki’s license to treat thyroid suspended April 17, 2019 – Canadian Thyroid Patients Campaign

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