Thyroid disease news broadcast, Omni TV Italian Edition, Canada

Canada’s Omni TV Italian Edition (Rogers Digital Media) broadcast a short piece about thyroid disease on May 26th, 2022.

It was originally intended for broadcast on World Thyroid Day, May 25, 2022.

It includes segments of interviews:

  • Lauri Martin, volunteer, the Thyroid Foundation of Canada,
  • Tania Sona Smith, president of Thyroid Patients Canada,
  • Prof. Constantin Polychronakos, Endocrinology & Metabolism, McGill University, Montreal.

Interviewees are speaking in English, and OMNI journalist Teresa Romano provides the narration in Italian.

Video Links

Thyroid Patients Canada links

Transcript and/or translation request

Can anyone make a transcript of the broadcast, or at least a translation of the Italian speech by the journalist? If so, email to or add it as a comment under the post. If or when we receive a transcript, we can integrate it within this post.

Summary in Italian

Le disfunzioni della tiroide sono poco trattate, ma ne soffrono moltissime persone, la cui vita è complicata da una diagnosi che arriva spesso in ritardo perché alcuni sintomi vengono sottovalutati o addirittura considerati normali. Ne abbiamo parlato con Lauri Martin della Thyroid Foundation of Canada, e Tania Smith, presidente di Thyroid Patients Canada.

One thought on “Thyroid disease news broadcast, Omni TV Italian Edition, Canada

  1. I have not watched the broadcast but am wondering if there was any discussion on patients that had their thyroid removed and what to look for afterwards. I have had a partial thyroid removal and I have no energy what so ever. All my blood work is ok so I was told. If I was to ever have another chance I would not have had it done. I was diagnosed with Graves disease, therefore had the thyroid removed.

    Thank you

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