Thyroid petition closes with 5,681 signatures

Well done, thyroid warriors and caring citizens!

Petition Closed

This is a strong number, considering our challenges. Of course we wish we could have had a larger number. But this is a fledgling campaign group led by a small handful of patients. We started in July, launched a petition in September, and only had 4 months to collect e-signatures from Canadian citizens. We dug into our own pockets to boost Facebook posts, buy a website and buy design tools. We spent hours doing research, writing, designing.

YOU did the sharing and extended our reach far beyond our boosts. You shared your challenges and encouragement in comments on our posts. Your efforts helped us accomplish this together.

Like the end of our video says, a patient-led campaign to support thyroid therapy in Canada must go on. This is just one phase and it’s a healthy start.

Stay with us, keep sharing knowledge and supporting each other, and we can gain ground. We can say things our doctors can’t. Their careers are at stake. Our health is at stake.

We have the right to have a voice in our therapy.

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