Our wish: May you be blessed with T3 sufficiency

At this time of year, many nonprofit organizations focus on the relief of poverty and hunger.

But humans can also suffer T3 hormone poverty and hunger.

We can’t be truly healthy without “enough” T3 in our bloodstream, our tissues, organs and cells. We can’t be healthy with “too much” T3 activity in cells, either.

Well-regulated T3 supply is just like having well-regulated blood sugar levels and a healthy insulin response to blood sugar.

Getting enough T3 is like getting enough macro- and micronutrients in our diet, without excess or imbalance.

“Enough” also depends on the individual. Giving 1500 to 2500 calories per day of “food” to each adult will not necessarily ensure that each individual will have enough calories or even the right nutrient balance for their exercise levels, food allergies, and concurrent health conditions. In the same way, you can’t expect each individual to be healthy In the same way, you can’t expect each individual to be thyroid-hormone healthy just because they may have a Free T4 and Free T3 somewhere in the population-wide range.

Our societies currently lack awareness of and compassion for those who suffer a chronic T3 deficiency and suffer health problems associated with it.

Chronic T3 hormone poverty is often hidden from view, but science is making it more and more evident that it is harmful to human health.

The good news is that T3 poverty can be detected and resolved by health care systems that truly care.

We can protect human thyroid hormone health by becoming more aware of the multiple signs, symptoms, and biomarkers of T3 deficiency and T3 excess across the entire body.

For those already diagnosed with a thyroid disease who are on thyroid hormone therapy, we can make available all thyroid hormone tests and all thyroid hormone pharmaceuticals, including T3 tests and T3-providing pharmaceuticals, since not every thyroid patient can live a healthy life on the basis of T4 supply and TSH measurement alone.

So I offer a holiday toast to you — may we all be blessed with individually sufficient T3 levels in all our tissues, now and in the years to come.

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