Thyroid Autoimmunity

The TSAb stimulating antibody can lower TSH despite euthyroid status.

According to scientific research, the Graves’ TSH receptor-stimulating antibody (TSAb) can directly manipulate the TSH—independently of thyroid hormone levels. For many decades, scientists have been very puzzled by the fact that “TSH can remain suppressed after treatment for Graves’ disease,… Read More ›

Overlooked: How many Hashimoto’s patients with TSH-Receptor antibodies?

Graves’ disease patients routinely get tested for the TSH-Receptor antibody (TRAb) when they become hyperthyroid. Hashimoto’s patients with TRAb antibodies, on the other hand, are overlooked. Just how many of us are being overlooked in various countries? The thyroid-stimulating antibody… Read More ›

Remissions and fluctuations in autoimmune thyroid disease: TRAb

Stories of complete remission from autoimmune hypothyroidism circulate on internet forums. Stories of significant fluctuations in thyroid status that allow one to reduce thyroid medication or require a major increase—these also circulate. I suspect most autoimmune hypothyroid and hyperthyroid patients… Read More ›

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