Free T3 test

2018 study shows T3 in upper half of reference range relieves hypothyroid symptoms

This Sept. 2018 research article proved that thyroid patients’ continued hypothyroid symptoms are connected to Free T3 levels.(1) Symptom relief for thyroid patients on the standard T4 monotherapy is found “in the upper half of the FT3 reference range.” Symptoms… Read More ›

MEMES: Against Table 2 in the “Choosing Wisely Canada” T3 & T4 toolkit

The “Choosing Wisely Canada” toolkit promoting limitation of Free T3 and Free T4 testing has been the food for some meme refutations. Choosing Wisely Canada. (n.d.). Toolkit: Less is More with T3 & T4. Retrieved December 30, 2018, from… Read More ›

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