Tissue hypothyroidism

A Thyroid Patients Manifesto

Manifesto: “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer” (Merriam-Webster) I humbly offer the following manifesto for us as thyroid patients. WE, as citizens maintained by thyroid hormone therapy, declare our equal rights to health… Read More ›

Infographic: Myxedema Coma

Source Mathew, V., Misgar, R. A., Ghosh, S., Mukhopadhyay, P., Roychowdhury, P., Pandit, K., … Chowdhury, S. (2011). Myxedema Coma: A New Look into an Old Crisis. Journal of Thyroid Research, 2011. LINK: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3175396/  

Low T3 effects on the cardiovascular system

When people think of cardiovascular symptoms and thyroid hormones, they usually think first about hyperthyroidism (EXCESS T3 thyroid hormone). However, hypothyroidism (DEFICIENT T3 thyroid hormone) has an equally powerful effect on the heart and blood vessels. It can just be… Read More ›

Because Low T3 is hypothyroidism

The fact is, no thyroid hormone pill can ever replace a living, responsive gland. Each of us responds differently to orally dosed hormone replacement. Some of us do not convert T4 into T3 hormone very well, and science has known… Read More ›